Who We Are

We are an African-focused, globally connected trading, investment and corporate finance consulting firm which connects global investors, funders and infrastructure developers to Africa's abundant opportunities.

We leverage decades of collective transactional experience and our global network to mobilise private sector expertise and finance for infrastructure projects and business growth as well as providing advice on cost effective financing structures for our public and private customers.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team comprises of internationally exposed, multi-talented and dedicated individuals with decades of executive leadership experience gained at leading global companies in the financial services sector. Majority of our leaders are either law or finance graduates of leading universities in Europe and the USA and as such are well versed with issues of corporate finance, financing of international trade, international commercial arbitration, corporate lending, risk management, transnational corporate restructurings, international and comparative oil and gas law, corporate form and its issues, mergers and acquisitions and Corporate governance.

Working with each other and alongside our various global partners, our executives drive the company, guide our strategy and lead our people in creating value for our stakeholders by connecting the world to Africa’s abundant opportunities.

Why We Exist

Our purpose is to create a better future for all by connecting global funders, investors and infrastructure developers to the abundant natural resources and opportunities that Africa, which is considered as the last frontier, offers.

Our experience over the years has shown that there are many investors around the globe seeking high return opportunities that Africa offers but are not fully exploiting these opportunities because of lack of knowledge of the African business terrain. We leverage our connections and experience built over decades of managing global financial institutions in Africa to bridge this gap by providing investors with information required to make informed decisions about Africa. We also link African businesses and governments to sources of long term capital for infrastructure development and business growth, and advise how to structure transactions that adequately mitigate risks associated with the continent.

By connecting seekers of opportunities with seekers of capital, we help to create a better future for all.

What We Do

Through our global network we help governments and businesses to arrange long term financing for infrastructure and business growth. Our firm advises businesses on their capital requirements, structure solutions to meet capital needs, and advise on raising capital from various capital providers.

We work with a network of global funders and investors who are constantly seeking attractive opportunities to deploy their capital and we also advise and structure the whole spectrum of finance transactions including:

  • Letters of Credit
  • Bank guarantees
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Confirmations and discounting of Letters of Credit
  • Trade and Corporate Loans
  • Infrastructure and Project Finance (including public-private partnerships)

Our longstanding relationships with relevant players in the global debt/funding market offer many opportunities for financing of public infrastructure and business growth.

Our Expertise

Our team of experienced specialists has a wide breadth of expertise across several fields and in-depth knowledge of Africa and international trade which qualifies us to advise on capital raising, debt financing and restructuring and a whole range of financing solutions including:

  • Asset/investment sourcing: finding appropriate assets in the countries of interest that fit the investor's risk profile.
  • Transaction structuring: leveraging the team's extensive experience and our global network of experts in determining the most appropriate financing option and acquisition structure to deliver the highest possible returns.
  • Advice on debt restructuring, capital raising and alternative providers as well as assisting with negotiation of final term sheets.
  • Public Private Partnerships-assisting in arranging private financing for public infrastructure.
Our Partner